The other week we made the media by saying some things about sensible car user in firms that we’ve been talking about for some time – only on this occasion we had some pretty cracking new stats to construct a cast iron case.

Our headline was that UK companies could save £1billion on their company car fuel bills by using a robust mileage management system, while cutting 2.4million tonnes of carbon emissions. We drove the point home (pardon the pun) by equating the latter to circumnavigating the globe 374,300 times in a fleet car. A bit silly, but why not.

But what is this mileage management business, you may well ask. In short, clever software. To expand a little, very accurate logging of vehicles when in company use that can help pinpoint ways to reduce mileage reimbursement costs and cut emissions, and even assess whether the best vehicles for the job are being used – all part of a leaner, cleaner company.

What’s more, using software means it’s less work for driver and manager. The technology works by using postcodes which allows mileage to be calculated automatically, and regular destinations can be saved and reused by drivers as required.

We’ve worked with some big boys on this. Firms like  Heinz UK, who saw its overall mileage claims fall by 28 per cent and its pence per mile rate by 10 per cent after working with us and trialling Vertivia Mileage Management’s Internet-based software on its 410- vehicle fleet.

Now Red Bull has introduced the same software to its 106-strong fleet of UK company cars, and we’re hoping for a similar success story. Think of this not as clipping Red Bull company car drivers’ much-vaunted wings, but merely helping them fly from A to B more efficiently.

There are a massive four million fleet vehicles in the UK – our stats make abundantly clear that collective action in getting more for less from firms’ journeys can make a huge difference. Sing along now: “I would log 500 miles and I would log 500 more…”

We’ve got a mileage management webinar taking place on Thursday 13 September 2012. Visit for the details