By Jack Melling

SuperHomes! Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? While SuperHomes don’t have similar powers to the comic book heroes we know and love, it is indeed a very exciting and pioneering initiative for people looking to green their homes with the latest energy efficiency measures.

One of the best things about SuperHomes is that they are actually all refurbished older properties that are intended to provide their owners with greater comfort, lower bills and lower carbon emissions – this has to be by at least 60 per cent to qualify for SuperHome status. Tough stuff.

So what does a SuperHome look like? Are they clearly noticeable? They must be, they’re super!

Well, just like Clark Kent, who you would’ve never guessed was Superman, the same can be said of most SuperHomes. While the inside is radically altered with the most superior insulation and alternative heating sources, the front of the SuperHomes in most cases retain their original look and charm.

And, just like a superhero, every home and renovation is different; every home has its own unique quality that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Some homes use passive solar designs; some have underfloor heating; others use the latest technology in thermal insulation; and some just use the latest double-glazing to achieve ultimate energy efficiency.

And it seems that SuperHomes are more relevant than ever before. Many of the home improvements seen in SuperHomes will be eligible for support under the Green Deal which is set to launch this October.

In recognition of this, the owners of SuperHomes across the UK will be opening their doors to the public and inviting them for tours this September. Owners will also be on hand to talk about their experiences, including both the challenges and the financial and environmental benefits of turning their home Super.

Gordon Glass from Superhomes says:

The open days demonstrate the benefits of switching to low energy living, so visitors leave with actionable ideas and greater confidence to green their own home.”

So if people are interested in turning their home “Super” with the latest energy efficiency measures then visiting one of the open days could definitely be worth a look. More details can be found on the SuperHomes website which shows where people can find their closest SuperHome.

Alternatively, for other green open home events see Heritage Open Days and Open House London.