EVs in fleets: the dream scenario

Whether you’re in the business of making sure ports or airports run smoothly, putting out fires or stocking shelves, there’s never been a better time to consider the importance of fleet running costs and carbon emissions.

These business areas, it probably won’t be a surprise to learn, were not selected randomly.

We recently announced the 20 organisations working with us and EDF Energy to make practical plans for electric vehicle uptake, as part of our Department for Transport-sponsored Plugged-in Fleets initiative, and we’ve got the likes of the Association of British Ports, London Fire Brigade and Wm Morrison PLC on board.

The initiative was open to all UK-based fleets and judging was based on strict criteria. We looked for commitment at a high level: a pledge signed by senior management within the company.

The latest announcement follows the publication of our joint report with Climate Group and Cenex last year, which made a powerful case for the potential of early adoption of EVs into organisations to reap major benefits.

Transport Minister Norman Baker had this to say:

“The number of electric vehicles on the market is growing all the time and fleets are already leading the way with adoption of these new technologies – this scheme will make that easier by giving fleet managers the information they need to pick the right vehicle for their business.”

There’s some other big names amongst the group: Boots UK Ltd,Network Rail and the University of Cumbria to name but a few. Big or small, long-term thinking when it comes to low-emission vehicles can help any firm.

This is not the only good news to report as far as Plugged-in Fleets goes. In additional to EDF, we’ve recently brought Gateshead-based Route Monkey into the team supporting the Plugged-in firms every step of the way.

They’re providing software which will help firms get the best out of electric vehicles – looking at factors like payload, average speed, ambient temperature, route topography and driver style to go a long way to destroying that ‘range anxiety’ that still bothers some people.

You can see the full list of those taking part here.