You’re probably very much aware, but for those new to us, we run the Energy Saving Advice Service, which supports the Green Deal by giving out independent guidance on what’s available, from the simplest changes to applying for full Green Deal offers.

This clearly means that we have to keep up with the new; any energy saving device or measure that a potential caller might have heard about and want more information on. We do our own research, and we try and get in touch with the companies behind them to pick up any consumer-friendly information that might be beyond the sales guide.

One of the things that recently came to our attention was the Quantum Energy System, a rather sci-fi title for what is a smart electrical heating system from Dimplex. It promises to make use of off-peak tariffs all by itself, and maximise efficiency by offering ‘infinite’ controllability to the householder.

It makes big claims – to outperform gas heating in terms of cost being the major one. This has not tended to be something electric heating has done up to now, but we’d make it clear that we have yet to have tested Quantum ourselves. We’d certainly be open to giving the system a rigorous whirl and reporting what we found.

The product is on the mainstream edge of a range of smart home energy management systems that will be hoping to take pride of place in our homes over the next few years – from heating systems like this, to smart appliances and new gadgetry spinning off the smart meter roll-out, possibly along the lines of our very own SHIMMER project.

In the case of the system in question, we are a little ahead of ourselves here, as the system isn’t out until at least October – but it gives an idea of the kind of developments that are to come. Advice has to grow in depth and scope all the time as more offers find their place in the market.

We’ll be talking through more of the products and companies that are looking to make a breakthrough the near future in, well, the slightly nearer future.