Amidst all the talk of Green Deal, ECO etc. and what is hoped to be a greater focus on retrofitting for energy efficiency than ever before, there seems to be one voice that isn’t get as much airtime as the rest: the tradesperson who’ll actually be doing the work.

Whether it’s about insulating cavity walls, installing solar panels or piping in a new central heating system, this is the front line of what can be seen as an abstract, often politicised area.

With this in mind, we want this blog to provide a regular forum for tradespeople to talk about what they do in the area of energy efficiency, and indeed what they think about the current state of things in their professions.

We want to do this through one persona: call them Geoff, Jean, whatever, the name isn’t important – at the very least it’s up for debate. We’re hoping it could be like a sort of anonymous news column, if you will.

We want to know about skills: what are the areas of confidence and less-so, and what industry and organisations like us can do to help. Is technology moving too fast, or perhaps frustratingly slow? We want people to talk about real jobs in real homes; the real ‘nuts and bolts’ of it all.

It’s not solely a blog thing either – we want to see how many ways we can communicate your thoughts, feelings, frustrations and hopes.

Geoff, are you out there? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Drop a line to or hit us up on Twitter: @energysvgtrust