The flight of a solar plane proved to be the most read blog of last year – it’s clear that there’s an appetite for a new spin on that good old-fashioned man-versus-sky narrative.

We’re not the types to deny a story its conclusion, here, so for all you who dream of flying solar, the good news is the Solar Impulse plane has completed its first intercontinental trip – Spain to Morocco – with few hiccups.

This is not really the end, though. Of course the companies behind this €90m project will be looking to develop this into a viable passenger jet if they can. It’s only carried one man so far, and it’s not very fast at the moment (44mph), so there’s still lots of work to be done before we can all get really excited.

Until then, apparently there’s a world tour in the offing, so the latest model of this promising winged thing could possibly be heading our way, to be viewed by our sustainable plane fanatics.

Until that happens, the highlights reel from the maiden intercontinental voyage makes for a dramatic watch – and you can always check out some more feet-on-the-ground sort of ways to cut your own transport emissions and costs.