They say entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of the economy.

With all the talk of new energy legislation, Green Deal, Green Investment Banks and such, you’d imagine there’s some palpable excitement out there for those with energy-generating, waste-minimising ideas to quite simply stop talking and get cracking.

But there are still some that aren’t fully convinced the UK’s green entrepreneurial cadre are getting all the support they need to develop their very newest wares and bring them to market cost-effectively. But for those people, maybe here’s a bit of news to hearten: a chance to top up the fighting fund right now.

There’s €500,000 investment in a green brainwave on offer right now – if you’ve got  the business plan to take on the other inspiration of the world in open competition, that is.

One part of the stipulation for entry to the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge is pretty self-explanatory – your product has to offer the chance to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The second is the bit where you’ve got to have your strategy in line with your creativity: it’s got to be far enough down the line to bring to market within two years. Obviously, at the point of victory, there’ll be industry figures on hand to help make that happen.

Last year’s winner from Australia was a water-recycling shower – something that will surely give our Aussie water expert Andrew Tucker a huge surge of national pride.

Although it’s a Dutch lottery funding the competition, they’re particularly keen for more British entries this year. There’s precedent for glory here, too. In 2009, a man called Dean Gregory and his design for an unobtrusive wind turbine, the Ridgeblade, took the spoils and got the chance to turn his best-laid plans to reality.

Oh, and finally, the closing date is 31 July. Get cracking.