There’s no question that from the point of view of blog HQ, things are looking more and more Green Deal-orientated as time goes on – as you might expect, really.

Crossing our desk have been an increasing number of notes and announcements from organisations offering services from innovative financing of retrofit to products that may or may not be included as part of Green Deal packages – some more bloggable than others, frankly, but all the same giving the positive impression of a lot of will out there to get cracking with this thing.

We’ve not been shirking either, and as this is the Energy Saving Trust’s blog, it would seem the appropriate forum to talk about our own Green Deal-related developments.

The main news is that the bulk of what we do – Endorsed Advice, Energy Saving Trust Recommended, and accrediting the installation of energy efficiency measures across national and local schemes – has been accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service or UKAS, the body of choice for the government programme. We’re among the first 14 organisations accredited, alongside some familiar big names of the construction and renovation trades like BRE and the British Board of Agrément.

That’s not to say that there were parts of our work that failed the accreditation process, in case you’re pondering the semantics of the paragraph above. Everything we saw as being vital to play a full and active role in getting measures into UK homes were approved – and we’re obviously pretty damn pleased.

What it all means is that we’ve proved worthy of being able to decide whether to give the green light  – apologies for another bad play on words – to other businesses’ and organisations’ products and services when Green Deal kicks off in earnest.

Of course we’re running the Green Deal advice line, so it’s also a good job that we’re considered the right sort of people to be doing such a thing. We’re hoping to be the first place anyone thinks of dropping in on when they’re seeking a clear view on what they can get out of Green Deal.