The monitoring kit we'll be installing is a little more advanced...

Easter: a time of rebirth – and we’re getting in the spirit.

After previously stating on this here blog that time was at a premium to take advantage of the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP), it’s now had a further cash injection. So after getting all philosophical about good things ending, it turns out the good thing just keeps on rolling.

In fact, things have gotten even better. There’s £7million more from the government to keep the ‘open to every household’ bit rolling, but perhaps even more significantly in terms of installation potential, there’s another £10million for another round of the hotly-competed social housing competition, as well as brand spanking new aspect – a competition for community energy schemes to get involved. Full details are pending on this one, but rest assured, you’ll hear about them early doors right here.

The major driver behind RHPP is of course to simply get more renewable heat technologies in people’s homes. But as with any large-scale scheme, there are other objectives too. The major one here is the opportunity to learn even more about the workings of heat pumps in people’s homes – building on our extensive field trial.

With this in mind, there’s been a small tweak to proceedings for phase two. Hey, if you get a chance to live twice, you might as well improve where you can the second time around.

In order to help increase the rate of meter installation, all those getting a heat pump will receive 80 per cent of their voucher value when a valid claim is submitted, together with a signed checklist from the installer confirming the installation can be fitted with a meter.

You’ll get the final amount following a visit from the metering team to check that the installation is really ‘meter ready’ and install a set of equipment. If you’re not meter ready, you’ll get the final 20 per cent of the grant at the end of the scheme.

In terms of the extension of the household voucher scheme, everything else – technologies available for a grant, voucher amounts – remain exactly as before. Get on the RHPP web page for everything you need.