Not many people know this, but St Valentine liked to moonlight as Patron Saint of energy-savers. Don’t look that up on Wikipedia – you know how every click costs carbon…

His day says it all about the man – it’s tailor-made for cutting carbon and cash off those energy bills. Candles, blankets, walking hand in hand, getting all hot and bothered – we’re talking low carbon comfort all the way.

Cooking a meal for your beloved needn’t be a green headache – source local ingredients, have a look at our kitchen energy tips, then put vegetable and fruit skins into a compost heap and look forward to a natural fertilizer to use in the garden. There you go, it’s easy honoring old Valentinus’ memory.

If you’re cuddling up to a DVD or a bespoke love songs compilation, remember to switch your appliance off afterwards: standby energy consumption wastes up to £35 every year,

Once things are really hotting up, turn the heating down by 1 degree, then get so lost in passion that you leave it there, saving £60 a year.

Then there are the material gestures to consider. Well, you can make them immaterial, literally, with an e-card, or e-tickets for that concert, theatre trip or break away. On the latter, keep that travel responsible – cuddle up on a ferry or in a train cabin, then wake up refreshed at the destination.

Is loft insulation really an unromantic gesture? Well, yes, probably. But few could argue that it’s the ideal statement to the age of austerity pragmatist. Who, after all, can argue with savings of £175 (loft insulation) and £135 (cavity wall insulation)? When the bills come in, no doubt you’d be even more in the mood for love.

Altogether now: love and lagging, love and lagging…