Now available in green

Gas cylinders to solar panels: not the most obvious leap of logic perhaps. But here we take the view it’s worth thinking a little creatively if you want to get the emission cuts done, and with that in mind, that’s precisely what’s potentially on offer for rural gas customers in Exeter.

We’re part of a bunch of experts getting together to help Calor Gas’s Rural Energy Centre provide the best possible information on green energy options – and even help them get the kit in their homes.

Carbon Trust and Mark Group are also involved in the project for company-wide carbon accreditation and installation referral purposes respectively, but our role is to make sure advice given at the centre is absolutely top-notch. We’ve featured our new Endorsed Advice service here on the blog before – and here’s an example of it in action.

Of course it would be unfair to report this news without giving our Head of South England Ian Hutchcroft a word in edgeways:

“Householders are bombarded with offers and advice on energy efficiency from hundreds of sources and in many cases people do not know which way to turn. We’ve worked closely with the Calor team, providing them with the right skills and knowledge to give their customers trusted advice on energy efficiency that is tailored to their needs. Our endorsement means that Calor staff will continue to receive our support, giving them access to the latest research to pass on to customers.”

Calor themselves are expanding from their traditional field of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) to a full Energy Services Company, supplying a range of energy-efficient products and services. The importance of companies with big networks of customers and communications networks taking sustainability seriously can’t be understated as we gun for our carbon reduction targets.