It’s not just us who come up with nifty interative tools to help people make sense of the world of managing energy consumption. Plenty of our friends in the world of housing are getting involved with some aesthetically-pleasing craft of their own – not least the new ‘set it right’ heating controls guide from the Metropolitan Housing Partnership (MHP).

Heating controls, for a small part of a bigger device, are a sizeable issue – and mastering them can make a big difference in terms of bills, carbon emissions and comfort.

The latest report from MHP showed that nearly a quarter of homes did not get the desired result through their heating controls – and half the residents surveyed didn’t know how to set their controls to best effect.

We advised MHP on setting up their helpful online contraption – and the end result is a great step in demystifying the thermal ups and downs of your home. If you’ve ever felt even a little bamboozled by your heating system, it’s definitely worth a gander.

And if you’re wanting a bit more of the hard detail on controls, as well as the Energy Saving Trust Recommended range of devices to help you get the best of the best savings on your heating costs, there’s plenty on our website too.