We have big ambitions, but we can’t do it alone.

There’s the Green Deal looming. It can deliver its objectives but it would be foolish to underestimate the scale of the challenge and indeed the obstacles ahead of us.

It needs to work out for householders and the much-vaunted green economy, and to do that, it needs to be responsibly executed, trusted, and more to the point, people need to know what they can get out of being more sustainable in their energy use and the way they create it in the first place.

Sometimes, you have to adjust your shape accordingly, and get like-minded heads together to take on a big task like this – which is why we’re announcing our charitable status today, with John Lewis Partnership as our first founding partner.

So what have John Lewis done to justify them being the first on board, you may ask?

Well, they were the first UK retailer to carry the A-rated energy label on all of its own-brand white goods, and earlier this year launched a green product identifier which appears on items offering more sustainable choices, such as being Fairtrade, organic, or made from sustainable or recycled materials. They approached us after hearing about our plans to make our bow in the Third Sector.

They’re also planning on going even further than they have previously by featuring the Energy Saving Trust Recommended label on the most energy efficient models across their entire electrical offer from early 2012.

So what’s our CEO Philip got to say?

“With the Green Deal of the horizon, we need a definitive information source to give assurance to the public, so that the actions they take, and the green products they buy will deliver carbon savings as well as help control escalating bills.

“We continue to provide free and impartial advice to millions of people and with the support of John Lewis we will reach millions more in the years ahead.”

We’re nearly twenty years old as an organisation, and we’ve seen much progress in that time. There’s still much to be done though, and yesterday’s announcement of all the proposed detail behind the Green Deal  – measures available, accreditation, and the role of local delivery of energy efficiency schemes particularly prominent – has only made the challenge seem more imminent and real than ever.

Of course, we’re interested in hearing from anyone who shares our values and vision and would like to see how we could work together. 

To coin our first partners’ classic slogan, we’re hoping this will be the first step to ensuring the energy saving dream is not knowingly undersold.