You may have already gathered this if you follow us on Twitter or visit our website on a regular basis, but it’s Energy Saving Week next week. So what have we got in store? Why, this:

New research!

We’ve polled the nation at this time of recesssion, to find out where the public’s at in terms of green attitudes and behaviour.


There’s a launch day, a microgeneration day, an Energy Saving Trust Recommended day, an energy efficiency in the home day, and a transport day. We’ve got lots of bases covered; but that’s not to say you can’t get involved with thoughts of your own at any given point.

Trial and pilot results!

We’re publishing reports on our field trial of LEDs in social housing and SHIMMER – our smart home energy/ household budgeting pilot. Many a talking point guaranteed, we’d like to think.

Digital stuff!

We’ve got live Q&As, videos, competitions, and all manner of other action all topped off with our regular diet of tips and advice, as we look to engage as many people as possible in doing the little things, and indeed, the bigger things to take control of their energy use, and ultimately their bills. After all, that is the theme of the week.

And of course, there will be lots going on right here on the blog. See you here, and possibly there and everywhere.