From washing machines to digital radios to loft insulation: our Energy Saving Trust Recommended are beavering away with the latest product specifications and standards close to hand, in the pursuit of getting the label on, well, as much stuff as possible. People should be able to make the choice with the lowest long-term running costs as easily as possible, after all.

Scores of well-known brands are involved with the scheme now, and many have several products in their ranges carrying the label – but it’s still pretty rare to find a company with all of them signed, sealed and certified.

Credit due then to Baxi, who have just got all 16 of their new range of boilers endorsed as Energy Saving Trust Recommended products. And not just that – all their previous models are endorsed too.

Our very own Toni de la Motta is unsurprisingly pleased:

“One of our key aims at the Energy Saving Trust is to ensure that people try to live as energy efficient as possible by installing energy saving measures. This not only helps households to cut their CO2 emissions, but also saves them money on their energy bills. It’s great to see Baxi lead by example and we look forward to working closely with them in the future.”

For obvious reasons, boiler scrappage schemes like the one previously in England, and the one that’s currently on the go in Scotland, specify that only the most efficient kit should be installed when replacing your old guzzler – and that means they’re certified under the label. So there’s lots of incentive for companies to push the development of their products to higher and higher standards of energy efficiency – an example of where government measures and the market work symbiotically.

We’ve recently been looking behind the Energy Saving Trust Recommended label on this here blog – and we’ve got part three coming very soon. Stay tuned.