We’re going a tad multimedia mad on the blog this morning, reason being that we’ve made a brand new video exploring the multitude of discussion points around electric cars – and we’re rather pleased with how it’s turned out.

In a manner not very much like the ‘Three Colours’ series of French art-house films, we’ve had to break Living With an Electric Car, which takes on all the big issues around going electric, into three chunks for time reasons.

We’ve got a real enthusiast at the wheel, too. Robert Llewellyn, of Red Dwarf and Scrapheap Challenge fame, has been driving electric cars for the last couple of years – so is a man more than familiar with their advantages and indeed, limitations.

All in all, we’re hoping it will be a big hit with companies and individuals looking to reduce their long-term fuel costs. The film’s launch has proved something of a double-whammy on this front. Our new research has shown that the range of an electric car can be increased by an average of 20% if the driver changes their driving technique.

The Smarter Driving pilot programme highlighted that training drivers to drive more effectively could save energy and – most critically – significantly increase their electric vehicle’s range. But enough chat, time for the concluding part of the trilogy:

It would be remiss not to mention the fact that electric cars have been an increasingly hot topic in the media, what with Jeremy Clarkson taking one or two liberties in his investigation into battery range, a government grant available to help towards the cost, as well as some mighty ‘bling’ electric models entering the fray.

It’s important now that anyone thinking of making the significant investment that an electric car entails can get an impartial look at the pros and cons – and we hope that our film can at least provide a good starting point for the curious.