Ricci Bryson

‘What a lot of old codswallop’, may be the words that fall from your mouth in disbelief when you hear the words – ‘Green Celebrities’. And no, we’re not talking about Orville the duck (geddit?) or even a tipsy going on nauseous TOWIE star falling out of a Mayfair club, we’re talking about stars who apparently have environmental sustainability at heart. (Also, for those of you not in the know, TOWIE is an abbreviation of The only way is Essex.)

As most of our regular readers will know, we love our hard hitting green agenda blog posts; however, in this update, we can’t remotely claim that – we’ve gone all Hollywood.

Earlier this month, the awards for Best Green International Celebrity at the International Green Awards was announced open to public votes. With the recent explosion of celebrity culture over the last 10-20 years, we regularly see the familiar sights of the not-so-very green celebs splashed all over the front pages – everything from gas guzzling private jets to luxury Lamborghinis, they own them all.

However, if we cast aside the majority of celebs whose green credentials are about as obvious as their Botoxed-out wrinkles, and focus on the celebs that go above and beyond to be green, then perhaps you’ll agree that there really are some celebs out there making a credible effort.

There is a plethora of contenders for this year’s Best Green International Celebrity award, voters have a choice of selecting one of 15 international nominees, including Cameron Diaz, Paul McCartney, Leo Dicaprio, Rahual Bose, and Sheikh Abdul bin Ali Al-Nuaimi of the Saudi Arabian royal family.

As you can see there is a real mix of candidates from just this little selection; however, it’s not hard to miss that one of the ‘celebs’ is a member of the Saudi Arabian royal family, one of the largest oil producing nations in the world. Hmm. Hopefully the Saudi ‘green Sheikh’ will continue to influence his country’s green ambitions, especially when it comes to its huge solar potential.

It’s a real shame that our very own ‘green prince’ – Prince Charles – hasn’t made it on to the nominations list. I’m sure Prince Charlie would be an ideal green celeb with his passionate and sometimes outspoken views on the environment.

If you fancy casting your eyes over the credentials of the runners and riders for this year’s awards, then visit the International Green Awards voting page.  If we haven’t clarified the criteria quite enough, you will not, and I repeat not, find Kermit the Frog there.