Since the Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme opened last week things have naturally been pretty lively round here. 

We had nearly 3,000 expressions of interest before official opening – a figure that the green media took an interest in, and since then, the conversion of interest to vouchers has been in full swing. 

There’s always a few surprises along the way in schemes like these, and in this case, it’s the technology split. The lion’s share of expressions of interest were around solar thermal, but the trailblazing technology at the moment in terms of vouchers being given out are air source heat pumps – 36% of the total so far. 

Solar thermal is the most well-established technology in the UK of those on offer, and it’s the one technology open to all regardless of your existing heating arrangements, so it’s no surprise that it’s still putting in a good showing with 29% of issued vouchers going on solar systems, with a further 21% on ground source heat pumps and 14% biomass boilers.

We’d also like to take the opportunity to shout out to our Welsh and Scottish energy savers. 75% of vouchers issued so far have been in England so far, so guys, if you’ve considered getting started on renewable heating, don’t be missing out! 

If you’re off grid, relying on oil, liquid gas, solid fuel or electricity for your heat you’ve got all the technologies to pick from – so this is a great opportunity to get into clean heating that you don’t have to remember to buy in before you start getting chilly. 

As ever, before anyone considers putting a call in, we’d advise tapping your details into our Energy Generation Selector tool, and double-checking that your home’s lagging is not, er, lagging behind. To warm up properly you’ve got to cut them leaks out first.