Our trial will show how modern 'fitting-friendly' LEDs are faring in real buildings

Don’t worry, regular blog readers, we haven’t found ourselves in the dock after getting up to more seriously shady business than the ‘undercover’ local energy efficiency work we were talking about last week.

Of course we’re talking about our technology field trials, and on this front we’ve got some exciting stuff on the cusp of being reported that we’re almost bursting with excitement about – and we’re not bothered if that makes us just a wee bit nerdy.

We’d go as far to say that the challenge of making new and newish-but-not yet trialled technologies work as effectively as possible in people’s homes, delivering carbon and bill savings, needs quite a bit of the geek’s enthusiasm and meticulous eye for detail. Building confidence from both sides of the fence – people and business – in the new environment of enthusiasm for retrofit and green finance is absolutely crucial.

But enough preamble – there’s those industry figures and potential buyers of this kit waiting. So what’s on the cards as summer comes to a close? Well, full results of our testing on LEDs and solar thermal technologies, plus the recommendations to industry on the back of last year’s heat pump field trial, no less. 

The heat pump installation recommendations will be laid down in the first week of September, while the second week is earmarked to make the solar thermal work public. And while there’s no firm date lined up for the LED trial report, it won’t be too long after that. September’s also when our new website launches – with a new, shiny section dedicated to our field trial portfolio. Busy month.

In regards to the LED report, it’s on a slightly different track to previous reports, in that the focus is entirely on social housing, and specifically exploring the potential of LEDs to lift the potential gloom of corridors, hallways etc.

It’s also likely to be a visual treat as well as a must-read for anyone with an interest in the future of energy efficient lighting options – some of the snaps taken to illustrate LED illumination we’ve seen so far from our trials team are rather stunning. 

So, we hope we’ve whet your appetites a bit for some of the big items on our plate – as ever, right here and on Twitter (@energysvgtrust) will be the first places you’ll hear about it when the results go public.