Aerial shot of Southampton

Taking an overview of local potential...

We like a good plot, we do. If there’s any kind of scheming – big or small – to be had, we’re there.

But don’t get us wrong here, we haven’t added some kind of gangster/ Guy Fawkes element to our business strategy.

Area-based energy efficiency schemes – everything from city or region-wide affairs or tackling one street or neighbourhood – are really taking off across the UK.

In the news recently was Birmingham’s mighty effort to cut the city’s carbon footprint – and we were there, lurking in the background in a not-at-all menacing way. More in a friendly, maybe slightly nerdy way, with a calculator in hand.

Birmingham’s beating of its emissions targets is a good example of one element of our behind the scenes operations –data verification.

We draw on our years of experience and miles of spreadsheets to help organisations like councils and housing associations ensure their claims ring true, whether that’s in the planning and development of schemes, ongoing checks while the insulation’s being installed or solar panels put on roofs, or, as in this case, seeing whether things have gone according to plan.

Of course we especially like the ones where targets are beaten – as well as obviously taking things another step closer to a less carbon-intensive country, it makes for an easier de-brief!

Our local delivery team are not limited to verifying away vehemently in the shadows – there are many more strings to their bows. They help bodies develop their own plots and masterplans from the word go, like they’ve recently done with Hampshire County Council’s ‘Insulate Hampshire’ scheme, and can also turn their hand to the oh-so vital economics of things, helping regional bodies leverage funding in partnerships, and utilising economies of scale.

But all this strategic thinking is all well and good, you may ponder: where’s the meat? Aha, well, we’re also known to take the message direct to the people via our Advice Centres, occasionally via humanoid cartoon pieces of toast, as with the Toasty Manchester and Scottish boiler scrappage schemes.

And when we’re not involved in our covert operations (not so covert now, admittedly) we still find time to crack out a useful free guide like our one on Feed-in Tariffs to help local authorities and the like work out if there’s a case for a first foot forward.

In short, if you’re looking to ignite a local green revolution, you could do a lot worse than checking out our website – don’t fret, we won’t ask you to provide a complex coded signal to get in touch.