Regular readers of this blog may know us for bite-sized chunks of energy saving and sustainability, sometimes going slightly off-piste on said themes. Or indeed recently, on-piste.  

But sometimes we have a little bit of our own good news that we just want to have a shout about, so please forgive us while we give ourselves a virtual pat on the back.

We’ve been working with Tesco for a while now, as a member of our Energy Saving Trust Recommended scheme – and naturally we’re extremely happy to have such a giant of UK commerce helping us in our bid to push the energy efficiency of products ever upwards.

Our good news is that Tesco has recently placed the scheme’s logo next to all the Energy Saving Trust Recommended registered products on the Tesco Direct website. Washing machines, fridge freezers, pressure cookers, integrated TVs or gadgets: at 116 products and rising, this is big stuff.

Sometimes when companies aim to be more environment-conscious, people view it with suspicion or call it ‘green wash’. But that’s not what we go into partnership for. As we move towards becoming a social enterprise, we are very conscious of whether businesses are really in line with our ethical vision.

We’ve recently discussed our approach to getting the Energy Saving Trust Recommended label on a given product – pretty hardcore, we think. (And there’s more of that on the way.)

So here’s more good news!

Ovens are a relatively new phenomenon as far as our label is concerned. And while no one’s saying that an oven is a ‘green’ appliance, they are one of the most important appliances in the home. So we think they should be as energy efficient as they can be – and we want to help the industry to achieve that.  

One company taking this message to heart is Glen Dimplex. They’ve  achieved something of an Energy Saving Trust Recommended first: their entire range of ovens (excuse yet another bad pun) – that’s freestanding, built-in, and, er, range, for the uninitiated – is getting accredited, and will carry our label.

If you work for a company that’s working on product carbon-cutting – whether they’re new at it or been doing it for years – let us know in the comments. Maybe sharing our successes will  make that famous Tesco slogan ring true…