Where sustainability is concerned, the ‘big stuff’ – changing how our energy is generated, insulation and other energy-efficiency measures – has to go hand in hand with smaller, seemingly insignificant activities – the way we use energy at home, the way we use products, things we do and don’t do.  It’s about being open to new ideas and changing how you do some things.

What the big and small have in common is that a bit of creativity can go a long way.

Here at the Energy Saving Trust, our work with consumer brands to facilitate new ways of doing things is something we’re proud of– likeProcter and Gamble’s ‘turn to 30’ campaign, which promoted a simple yet effective change in laundry behaviour, and succeeded because it was an idea people were ready to hear, and something people were ready to do. (And we love it because it gets our clothes clean sooo much faster.)

We still work closely with P&G, and now their Future Friendly Awards have opened for entries for the fifth year.  This year’s award aims to reward individuals and community projects that show original craft and initiative – so if you’ve got a great idea up your sleeve or crammed in your head bursting to get out, this is the time to bring it to light.

They say:

Future Friendly wants to encourage every household in the UK to do their own ‘inspired little acts’ so they can save resources and money and also appreciate how small, everyday changes in the home can turn into a united wave of sustainable change from street to town to region.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how many of you there are: there are Big Hero, Little Hero and community categories for entries – so age is no barrier.

Entries have to be in by July 24th. And of course while we’d be very pleased if one of the entries were based on an idea someone got from our advice, our main happiness just comes from seeing people saving energy in creative ways.  If you’re not sure what kind of thing Future Friendly is looking for, you can see previous  Heroes on theFuture Friendly website, along with the entry form. (And do feel free to share your successes with us, too!)

Previous winners include an online ‘swap shop’ for baby equipment, an invention to help measure water consumption, and recycling waste into fashion and art.  Jump in and give us a wave!