Leaving their colleagues on standby...

If you’re not familiar with the exciting show business world of energy utility trade publications, you are missing out. Today, we just have to share the joy.

After reading ‘Waste strategy supports energy from waste and anaerobic digestion’, ‘Clear rules needed to establish water trading’ and ‘Severn Trent wins wind turbine battle’, we spotted the headline ‘Rest of big six lag behind Eon,’ – but it was rather misleading, and not even the kind of piece you’d normally come to expect from Utility Week:

Eon has stolen a march on the rest of the major energy suppliers by entering the utility battle of the bands, RPI-X Factor. The rest of the so-called big six are now left playing catch-up, as are the water companies.

Say what? Yes, they said utility battle of the bands.

It seems that Gemserv, the event’s organisers, think there’s an untapped seam of musical talent in the offices of those supplying our homes’ basic needs. Fair enough;  rumours abound of musical talent littered throughout our own management team, and we think our CEO Philip looks like a bit of a covert rock ‘n roller.

But what exactly are Eon offering up that’s way ahead of the others, you’re no doubt wondering?

From Eon’s retail prepayment team, Amongst the Stars, a five piece alternative/Emo band from Bolton, Greater Manchester are the first to take-up the challenge.

So the competition’s been a bit shy so far. But then, it takes a bit of time to dust down the Gibson Les Paul properly and find the brand of hairspray you sported in the 80s, while managing supply and demand on a grand scale.

We do feel a bit put out that the invite’s only open to those supplying energy, rather than those saving it. As we said, we’re sure we could rustle up a beat combo or two. But we’re holding out that an invite to play Simon Cowell drops on the Trust’s doormat.

And if anyone asks – we do recommend turning those distortion pedals off at the plug when they’re not in use.