This budget doesn't get it's own cool antique case, but it's still pivotal

So, it’s on. After weeks of speculation, the carbon budget of the near future has been laid out – and despite an inevitable bit of a ding-dong over opt-outs, opt-ins, deadlines and dates in the national and international media this morning, it’s pretty much going to be a matter of how we get things done now.

There clearly is much to be getting on with. Our recent Home Economics report showed something of a double-edged sword: there’s still lots to be done to make the UK’s housing stock ship-shape, but the opportunity in wholeheartedly taking on the challenge is a great one, for both a sustainable and economically healthy UK.

And at the same, householders are interested in making green changes to their homes in a way that suits their lifestyles, as our trigger points report revealed.

But back to the carbon budget. What does our CEO Philip think of the news?

“We back tough targets – but we should look at what lies behind any target-setting. There needs to be rigorous testing of the kind of technologies that will need to be going into people’s homes to achieve these objectives.

“Ultimately, new and emerging technologies need to deliver exactly what they say on the tin, and that’s not just in terms of carbon emissions, but their capability in making people’s homes warmer, more comfortable and cheaper to run.

“What’s more, the chance to enjoy these benefits must be available for all, so people need to have access to completely impartial advice to guide them, whatever stage of a journey to a lower carbon life they might be.”

Since we’re all about the self-promotion today (apologies) it also seems a good time to refer back to our blog on the imperative need to be a bit ‘un-sexy’ in the retrofit game, as well as our ongoing field trials portfolio – we’re reporting on our solar thermal trial very soon, and announcement of what we’ve learnt about LEDs and advanced heating controls is just around the corner.

In short: insulate, insulate, insulate, test, test, test, and we should be on the right track.