... and how can you make it more so?

With these questions in mind, we’d like to direct you to a slightly underused corner of our website. It’s a corner that’s intended mainly for housing professionals.

This handy house type comparison is not exactly hidden away, but it’s certainly not the page where most readers enter our site and get into conversation with Dave (or a representative of the non-animated energy saving world). And we think the information gives a pretty useful ‘through the keyhole’ view of how different types of housing compare for energy use – whether you’re a housing professional or a householder.

Our information allows you to look at energy demand, typical features and – here’s the best bit – the impact that possible energy efficiency improvements could make to the property in terms of both cash and CO2. Think of it as sort of like a virtual house MOT.

We can’t come round in our headscarf and do all the work – but whether your house is a 1980s mid-floor flat, a Victorian terrace or a sixties bungalow, you can get a relatively tailored idea of how well it’s likely to be doing for you, and what improvements would probably make the most difference and save you the most energy. Click the link and then click the house that’s most like yours, and all will be revealed. Feather dusters not included.