Play 'chat' & mouse with energy saving

At the Energy Saving Trust we pride ourselves on our free, impartial advice – advice that’s always based on one thing: the need to help as many people as possible save as much energy as possible. Through our advice centres we make that advice available to anyone who picks up the phone and dials 0800 512 012.

Well, now there’s an even more convenient option for the e-generation – live online chat with our advisors at the click of a mouse.

This doesn’t mean there are advisors lounging around on beanbags with laptops, just waiting for the clicks to come – and nor does it give us a real excuse to make puns with our GCSE French. In fact, it’s a pretty clever interactive service, that will effectively come to you and answer your questions.

If a reader on our website is hovering in an area where people tend to need the most help – like grants information or microgeneration – a screen will pop up and ask if they could use a bit more support. If they click YES,  our Wales-based advice team will get straight on the case.

We recently trialled the service and it seemed to work well, helping about 50 people a day. The average wait for someone to chat to them was less than 30 seconds to chat to someone, and conversations lasted an average of ten minutes. What’s more, the service received strong satisfaction ratings.

So have a click and make catnip of your energy bills.