We held a live and online event last week on ‘Selling green: delivering what you promise’, which you can watch here.

The green marketplace is changing rapidly; in fact, it’s actually growing. New technology is coming in, supported in part by the Energy Saving Trust’s renewable energy field trials. With Feed-In Tariffs and the Renewable Heat Incentive on board, and the government’s Green Deal coming closer, more companies – and indeed customers – are becoming active in this burgeoning economy. 

But if you’re selling energy-related products, how do you make sure you’re making the right claims, and getting the attention of customers? How do you ensure that you portray your product or service in the right way to inspire both confidence and realistic expectations in your customers – who may be just as new to all this as you are? In short, how do you avoid greenwash?

As the Energy Saving Trust works across the sectors to help create an environment where people use less energy at home, we know what all sorts of groups are doing, and saying. And we know what consumers are looking for. So we held our event to get businesses up and down the supply chain talking, and to share some of our expertise.

One thing we did was to take advance questions for the panel on the reservation forms.  But the questions from the floor were so great – and they just kept coming – that we never had time to answer all of them.

So we gave a representative sample to our panel of experts, and we’re publishing their answers on our website. You can watch our event there, too.