We’ve had a lot of success helping companies and local authorities make significant cash and carbon cuts by reducing their transport costs. So far, though, the Royal household has not dropped us a line.

In this age, even the Royals are looking at reduced budgets for getting around. HRH and co. are looking for a new head of travel with the specific remit to “minimise expenditure and CO2 commensurate with reasonable travel times and security requirements…scrutinise existing operational and financial arrangements to determine how improved cost effectiveness can be achieved…examine all appropriate commercial alternatives that might lead to better value for money.” 

That kind of verbiage is music to the ears of our transport advisors in their day-to-day work, make no mistake. 

While the vehicles we consider as part of our fleet services aren’t exactly “armed forces, commercial and foreign governments’ aircraft, the royal helicopter, royal train and scheduled rail services,” our recent Fleet Hero Awards showed there is lots of enthusiasm out there for our green fleet services – with Transport Minister Norman Baker MP speaking fondly of the role of more sustainable fleets in our green transport future. 

Moving slightly away from the motoring of the Monarchy, we conducted research last year which showed that the public sector is actually making most ground in implementing a green fleet, with 56 per cent of public sector fleets reporting that green issues are central to their fleet policies. 

But we’d like all the public sector to clean up their act, and some may still be falling through a ‘green gap’ between what they’d like to do and what they actually do. 

The same research also showed that businesses, charities and public sector organisations are keen to operate environmentally friendly fleets but still have a long way to go, with that gap between saying and doing meaning that organisations still waste considerable amounts of money and produce high levels of carbon dioxide emissions from business travel. 

So if the Royals or indeed any of the other transport-conscious organisations across the UK want to get in touch, we’re all ears. You can call 0845 602 1425 or register here for a Green Fleet Review.

 Meanwhile, maybe Prince William can chip in by logging on to our Fleet Savings Calculator while getting his wedding suit measured up?