Energy doesn't grow on trees.

On Wednesday we appeared (okay, not all of us; just our colleague Sarah Compo) on Radio 4’s You and Yours, talking about the phase-out of traditional light bulbs. Under EU legislation they’re meant to be phased out completely by 2012, but as Sarah said, a number of larger retailers have agreed to phase them out ahead of that.

There are two advantages to this: the first is saving on energy bills; and the second, of course, is helping the UK to meet our carbon reduction target. So Tesco, Asda, B&Q and Homebase have agreed that once they run out of current stocks, that will be it.

Sarah tackled head-on the criticisms sometimes levelled at low-energy light bulbs:

There are different qualities (of energy saving bulbs) and it’s fair to say that when the earlier bulbs came out perhaps they did take a long time to warm up, perhaps the light quality wasn’t as good. But our organisation certifies bulbs that meet our strict tests in terms of the quality of the colour that they produce, the lifetime of the bulb and how quickly those bulbs warm up.

If you missed the moment, you can listen again here. And if you still aren’t convinced, we’ve got even more for you! When Emily Dodd, a CBeebies writer, journalist, storyteller, green activist and EST fan, heard that we were appearing on the BBC, she sent us her Ode to an Energy Saving Light Bulb! Perhaps this will soothe our readers’ savage breasts, and send you all to the energy-saving light bulb section.


My Energy Saving light bulb,
You’re my switch to make things right.
You’re my graduated, understated ice cream of de-light.
What you lack in elegance,
You redeem in radiance.
What I lack in eloquence,
You redeem in pounds and pence.
You’re my personal sunrise surprise,
My shining light of bright demise.
My world is changed now through your eyes,
To summarise – I love you.
Awaken curiosity,
Unveil the eyes of all to see
The marvel of technology
In your potential energy.
I crave your luminosity,
But there are those who do not see…
They do not see your glory,
Blind to your wattage story.

My energy saving light bulb,
Oh why have they forsaken you?
Forgive them, forgive them.
For they know not watt they screw.