Clean-up after a space-age visitation?

In the renewables industry, 2010 will be remembered for the birth of the Feed-in Tariff; a big step towards bringing micro-renewables into the mainstream consciousness.

Over 18,000 households have now installed – mostly solar, but some wind and micro-hydro – technologies, representing a great start for the incentive, and everyone holding out for a cleaner, more sustainable energy supply in the UK will be rooting for even more enthusiasm in the New Year. 

Looking onwards and upwards, our friends at have taken an interesting peek at the scheme generating the most industry buzz for 2011 – the Renewable Heat Incentive.

The scheme is said to be the first scheme of its kind in the world, and it’s fair to say it’s been a very familiar topic of discussion here this year. Energy Saving Trust expertise was called in right in the centre of the renewable heat debate; our heat pump field trial reporting its first year in September amidst some serious trade and media interest.

Despite some worries that the scheme would be affected by spending cuts, over £850 million in funding has been allocated for the incentive, and the government hopes to drive a tenfold increase in renewable heating. It’s not just open to householders either- businesses and the public sector will also be looking to get on board.

So whether you’re interested in hot water via the sun, getting your heat and power from the same place, warmth from wood or a heat pump, check out our tips and advice and see if your 2011 might be a (renewably) warmer one.