The so-called ‘Google generation’ are often accused of being passive individuals, frittering away their time social networking and file-sharing their way around popular culture – but a new project from WWF and Sony aims to harness the creativity of the online crowd to bring practical sustainability into our lives.  

Open Planet is offering online innovators the chance to see their idea for using existing technology to tackle an environmental problem develop through concept, to evaluation by a panel of experts from the partner organisations, then finally on to developing the finished idea. 

The six themes to be tackled are ‘changing behaviour’, ‘cleaner by design’, ‘more with less’, ‘waste not’ and ‘recycling revisited’. To give a flavour of what the world’s green-tech aspirants are submitting, there’s a mini ‘wind blade’, a plan to revolutionise the toilet flush, and bizarrely, a suggestion to make shelves out of air. Maybe you can decipher how that one works. 

The ‘concepting’ stage is open until 12 December, so if you’ve got a Walkman-powered combined heat and power station or a Playstation-controlled home energy hub up your sleeve, you should get cracking.