You might have thought when you think about energy saving, that driving is just driving. But think again! Some driving is more energy-saving than the rest. Last month Transport Minister Norman Baker put himself to the test, and drove around his consituency in Lewes with an Energy Saving Trust smarter driving instructor, to learn the tricks of reducing his fuel bills. 

The smarter driving programme shows drivers how a few simple changes in their driving style can reduce their fuel consumption – and, thus, their petrol costs  and CO2 emissions – by an average of 15%.  For a car covering 12,000 miles a year, this could mean spending £200-300 less at the filling station – more than enough to splash out on some new furry dice!

Just turning off your engine when you’re in one place for more than a minute or so can make a difference.

The programme is subsidised by the Department for Transport, and is available to organisations in England for their staff – whether or not they drive a company vehicle. So ask your employer! You  might even like it. The Minister did:

“I actually enjoyed the experience. The training is fun, informative and the instructor was able to provide some good advice which I’ve since put into practice. We all like to think we’re great drivers, but we can always learn new skills.”

The Energy Saving Week theme for today is transport – and it’s easy to forget that that means more than just driving. You can sit on the bus and look out the window; you could even do what suggests, and walk. Do send us a photograph of what you saw on your bus ride or walk! We’ll blog the best.