A beautiful image of serenity to end Energy Saving Week – the fruits of the blog team taking walkit.com’s transport advice.

The sense of focus and Zen from a long walk may have also inspired our South West regional manager Ian Hutchcroft, as he took on some tough questions at Energyrethinking today – on issues ranging from car sharing and electric vehicles to taking a luxury transatlantic cruise.

On all things transport, our MP bloggers have also got a few things left to say. 

John Leech MP has experienced the economics of owning a low-emission vehicle: “I had always wanted one of the new Minis and so when I changed my car in 2007 I decided I would get one. When I looked at the fuel economy and carbon emissions I thought twice about buying one because the petrol version was pretty poor.

“Instead I decided to pay an extra £2,000 for the Cooper Diesel which has similar emissions to a Toyota Prius. In the three years I’ve had the car I have recouped the extra money and significantly reduced the carbon emissions from my driving. ”

Dan Byles MP has a practical suggestion for cutting commuter carbon: “I’d like to see more companies making use of the progress in broadband and telecommunications technology to allow their staff to work from home, so that we can cut out more unnecessary journeys in the future.”

Has Oliver Heald MP taken a ride on a ‘Boris Bike’ in the Capital, we wondered?

“I tend to walk in London, but I do have a bike there. I am delighted the scheme has been such a success.”

Things are winding down here before we get back to energy saving business as usual next week – but check out the blog on Sunday for a slightly scary Energy Saving Week-themed surprise…