In the first couple of days of Energy Saving Week we’ve looked at what we’ve been up to over each day – let’s now have a look at what’s to come.

We’ve got question and answer sessions every day on Facebook for a start. Today’s on microgen was particularly lively, and tomorrow’s, in keeping with theme, is on energy saving products.

Want to know your ESTR from your A-G, or just want to find out if it’s your tumble dryer sending your money flying down the drain? You’d do well to log on to our Facebook fan page tomorrow from 2pm.

We’re taking another stroll across the web to continue our guest-blog on, while MSN’s queen of frugal living Piper Terrett will be writing right here about the 4×4 in your living room, amongst other things.

Around the nation, there’ll be folks vocally saving energy in Bolton, Preston, Skipton, Newry, the Eden Project and Centre Parcs.

What’s more, our experts will be all over the airwaves as they’re in demand for many an interview on a host of issues. Listen out.

But what of our MPs’ views on microgeneration, I hear you say?

Oliver Heald MP is into it: “Yes I am interested and support feed-in tariffs. We have many residents who have solar panels and farmers who use methane digesters.”

So is Dan Byles MP: “I am very interested in microgeneration. As well as reducing our carbon emissions we need to increase the UK’s energy security. That means diversifying our domestic energy supply, and microgeneration can play an important role in that.

“In my own constituency, we have a number of companies such as Sun2Solar Ltd who are leading the way in making microgeneration affordable for homes and businesses.”

John Leech MP goes even further: “I’ve been discussing the possibility of it with the landlord of my office in Didsbury. There is a real opportunity to do something on a bigger scale for the whole shopping parade.”