Sometimes you have to look beyond the here and now and simply admire a vision of what could be achieved further down the line. ‘Future Passiv’ from the Green Building Store offers the chance to do just that.

The new video guide to ‘Passivhaus’ building techniques illustrates to the absolute limit the point we always try to make: insulation should always be the first priority in creating an energy efficiency home.

Super insulation, stringent air-tightness and mechanical ventilation and heat recovery systems are the aim of the game in Passivhaus, aimed at creating buildings that require minimal heating. It’s not a typo in the title – the claim really is of a £75 a year heating bill.

Obviously we’re not saying that the first port of call in this age of thrift should be to immediately build a house to the highest possible energy standards. Not only that, but here at Energy Saving Trust we feel that all avenues of low and zero-carbon building need to be explored, not just Passivhaus.

If you’re inspired and want to make a start in giving your home more cosy and cheap to run, local grants and offers are out there to help .