Northern Ireland Director Noel Williams with finance minister Sammy Wilson, with the message: “Take control during hard times!”

So, day one of Energy Saving Week is nearly at a close. The week has been mentioned in the same breath as Teesside builders and their efforts to improve their practices, landlords getting energy efficient, and the Chair of a District Council opening up his solar-panelled home.

With all this sustainable activity simmering away, it seemed like a good idea to find out about the green success stories of a couple of our guest-blogging MPs.

Dan Byles MP is clearly our resident Christopher Columbus: “There can’t be many people who have crossed the Atlantic Ocean in an entirely carbon free way, but in 1997 I crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a 23 foot wooden rowing boat. Mile for mile it must be the most environmentally friendly journey I have ever made – but it did take me 101 days, so I can’t recommend it for most business travellers!”

Oliver Heald MP looked at progress closer to home: “I am really pleased at the success of Letchworth Garden City Transition Town initiative. It fits the history of the Garden City as they publicise the problems of Climate Change with film nights, talks from energy consultants and other initiatives. They have events such as Apple Pressing Days, fun family friendly events where you can press your own juice, meet Transitioners and find out what they are about, enjoy tea and cake and sample lovely juice – even if they don’t have any apples.” 

As for us, we’ve been playing away from home to get the Energy Saving Week message out there. We’ve guest-blogged at and Energy Rethinking, and later in the week, we’ll be inviting more special guests to get involved right here.