Anyone with at least a passing interest in energy efficiency who read Thursday’s Guardian may have had their interest piqued perhaps more than usual by the supplement slipped between the paper’s sections.

The Energy Saving Trust was high profile in Energy Solutions, which took a broad look at various elements of sustainable homes and products – our Chief Executive Philip Sellwood even providing the introduction.

“Energy prices are rising, so we have to become more self-sufficient; not only through simply using less energy in the first place, but also by selecting the most efficient appliances and products, and even becoming energy generators in our own homes through cash incentive schemes like feed-in tariffs,” said Philip.

The supplement also featured our very own Peter Bromage giving insight into the workings of the Energy Saving Trust Recommended (ESTR) scheme: “because of improving technologies, a product that is ESTR today may not pass muster in two years’ time. But that’s a healthy progression. It means we’re constantly reviewing our standards to ensure the consumer is getting the best value for money.”

Remaining on the money theme, Philip discussed the potential economic advantages of a shift to a more energy-savvy economy. While he stated that “a little investment now can make a big difference in the future,” he added that steps must clearly be in place make sure barriers to people joining the ‘green economy’ are tackled.

 “It’s all very well talking about investment, but it’s easy to forget about the factors stopping people taking action; even if an individual or family desires to live a more sustainable life, there are key barriers. Questions about how technologies work, what kind of upheaval it might mean and, most pressingly, upfront costs.”

These are the kind of questions our Advice Centre experts are talking through with customers every day.