Oldest fridge photo

Ashamed of your old creaking, energy-leaking fridge bringing down the tone of your kitchen? You might want to consider an ESTR model.

Chances are, though, that you haven’t had it hanging around your home as long as Edmund Garrad.
Edmund’s fridge was delivered to him on the 26th June 1954 and has been used ever since – yes, for a massive 56 years.

His mother gave her family a choice between a fridge or a television – they chose a fridge because they were fed up with sour milk. They paid a total of £69 roughly equivalent to £1,415 today.

Despite a sentimental attachment he realised that it might be time to replace it when he read about the Time to Change UK’s oldest fridge competition in an Energy Saving Trust newsletter. He entered and unsurprisingly won – and his prize was a brand new ultra efficient fridge.

Although Time to Change were impressed by Edmund’s preservation of his fridge they wanted to make people aware of the vast amounts of energy and money out-dated appliances use. They hope to encourage the replacement of 15.4 million out-dated appliances in the UK with efficient models. If they succeed this could save enough electricity to power 1 million homes for an entire year.