Heat pump 
Our latest report, Getting warmer: a field trial of heat pumps was published onWednesday, and the ensuing media coverage shows how necessary the knowledge we're gathering in this field trial is. Following on from last year's field trial of wind turbines, this report analyses the data from a year of monitoring both air and ground source heat pumps in a variety of locations around Britain – and it's the first study of its kind in the UK, showing how this new technology works in real life, operated by real people not lab technicians.

Yesterday's media coverage included strong articles on the BBC and in Utility Week, and The Guardian's article generated a lively (and constructive!) discussion in the comment thread.

Essentially, our report demonstrates that there is work to be done to get heat pumps performing as well in the UK as they currently do on the Continent – and we are planning a second year of study to determine exactly what factors are affecting the current, varying performance levels. We will be working closely with a spectrum of stakeholders over the next six months,  towards a set of recommendations for improvements to training and installation standards.

In the meantime, we look forward to the discussion around the findings from our first year of research, and we are heartened by the interest – and commitment to finding lower-carbon ways of generating power – that's clearly out there.

See our website for the report and the press release.