One of the four “pillars” of the Energy Saving Trust’s activity is our quality assurance endorsement. When we endorse a product or service, we put the full weight of our knowledge and research behind it, so that customers know it means they will get a good energy-saving deal.

Given our pride in this important work, we are very pleased to have expanded our field of endorsement to include advice services. This service assures consumers that energy-saving advice services meet our rigorous standard. We’re very pleased to say that our first Endorsed Advice Service client is Good Energy, with whom we entered into partnership earlier this year.

Good Energy is the only electricity company whose fuel mix is 100% renewable, generated from wind, water and sunlight. The company has 26,000 domestic and business customers, and one in 25 of their customers generates their own power.

Good Energy’s chief executive, Juliet Davenport, wrote on this blog in February:

We've worked out that our customers use around 10% less electricity than the average, and one in twenty five generates their own energy. Our job is trying to work out how much they are going to save this year.

There’s always room for improvement, and that’s why we are very excited about working
closely with the fantastic people at the Energy Saving Trust. They provide high quality information on energy efficiency that is independently verified, and we are looking forward to be able to use it.

The Energy Saving Trust has a vision for our energy future that should be shared by every electricity company and consumer alike.

So we put Good Energy’s customer care, sales, operations and credit control teams
through their paces, training and assessing them as rigorously as if they were our own.

In fact, here is what one Good Energy staff member had to say about it:

"Because the trainer had installed many of the energy saving devices and technologies, I felt this gave the training an extra depth and understanding of the advantages and disadvantages. Moreover I feel that I have gained an excellent applied knowledge of energy saving and the costs and savings involved. I am now happy to discuss money savings, costs and installation processes for all types of energy efficiency products and I feel that I can offer our customers a much better service because of it.”

Another one said:

"When customers call complaining that their meter is faulty I will be able identify the real reason for their high energy consumption and avoid expensive call-outs by our

We're very pleased to give our Endorsement to Good Energy’s service. We're sure that
their customers are getting the best advice on saving energy – and that’s what we’re all here for.