Prince of Wales Some days are really great days. I recently had the opportunity to walk around the Poundbury village in Dorchester with the Prince of Wales, discussing not only the successes being experienced by the residents, but how the strength of combined voices are invaluable in driving large scale sustainability improvement across the UK.

It’s always an honour to take part in one of the Prince of Wales’ ventures, working with so many inspirational people to enhance the UK’s wider progress in sustainability agendas. Poundbury is a Prince of Wales Foundation showcase in actual on-the-ground delivery of big picture thinking to improve all facets of sustainable living, within a newly built environment.

So what did we talk about? Well, it started with the cricket results, thanks to my Aussie colleague; the Prince was pretty thrilled with our recent World Twenty20 win. Following that, the Prince raised the need to push more natural product use, such as sheep wool insulation, within the massive national focus on energy efficiency in existing homes. This has great merit and one we would support and the wider challenges, as always, still lay with public; commercial acceptance of anything other than common DIY products, and price.

Another interesting discussion came as the Prince spotted a satellite dish on a nearby home, which lead to the challenges involved when incorporating new technologies within existing buildings and homes. Apart from the all too noticeable visual problems, there is a role for players from planning, commercial and community sectors, to ensure that improvements in energy efficiency and sustainability can also be used to deliver additional benefits and enhance other aspects in our neighbourhoods. All great points! All highlighting the need for different sectors and authorities to work closer and better on the big UK programmes, to deliver multiple wins. Energy efficiency, water efficiency, behaviour change…..

Part of this will be us working towards supporting the Prince of Wales’ ‘Leaders’ programme, increasing the number of organisations and people all driving energy efficiency and carbon reduction efforts.