Well you heard it here first, or at least first on this blog anyway, it is really interesting to see that Scottish & Southern Energy’s results reported today which I am pleased to say (although SSE Shareholders might not be) that due to domestic energy customers being more efficient in their use of energy that investments in extra generation have been put on hold.  I quote Ian Merchant, SSE’s boss, who underlined that “demand has stopped falling for industrial users but for domestic customers it’s still coming down because of the energy efficiency effect, not because of the economy.” It may just be a small glimmer but perhaps we can start to see the first real signs of the de-coupling of energy use from economic growth as customers realise prices are only ever going to go one way and that’s up.  With 6 million loft insulations and 7 million cavity wall insulations to complete by 2015, I take a small crumb of comfort from these reports.