I was really heartened today to read of the latest profit forecasts issued by Kingfisher Group’s Chief Executive, Ian Cheshire, and before anybody makes any suggestions – no, I am not a shareholder! But, perhaps I should be given the interesting and significant fact in and amongst all of the figures where sales of ‘Green’ products have topped £1 billion (yes, £1 billion) for the first time and helping to fuel the Group’s profit surge.

The Group’s commitment to the green agenda has been long standing and whilst pre-dating Ian Cheshire’s elevation to the top post, his personal commitment has seen it drive forward at a considerable lick. As we emerge (hopefully) from the recession it’s really heartening to see that the market is not taking the opportunity, as many feared, to side-line sustainability from a commercial point of view. By marginalising it as some would have us believe as “Eco-bling” but seeing good solid commercial opportunities to be made for shareholders, employees and customers alike. I only hope this is the first of many companies reporting such significant steps forward as the market truly gets to grips with developing a low carbon economy. A hopeful pre-Easter note!