Juliet Davenport 

In light of the partnership agreed between our two organisations and announced yesterday at our Annual Stakeholder conference, I am delighted that Juliet Davenport, Chief Executive of Good Energy has agreed to write a guest post for us.


It may seem a little odd for a commercial company to be encouraging its customers to use less of their product. At Good Energy, that’s exactly what we are doing.

Energy efficiency is a key part of the Good Energy customer journey. Once people have switched to our 100% renewable electricity, we want to make sure they reduce their energy usage, and ultimately we want to see our customers generating renewable energy and selling it back to us. Maybe people won’t need energy companies in the future at all – now that would be refreshing!

Our efforts are certainly having an impact. We’ve worked out that our customers use around 10% less electricity than the UK average, and one in twenty five generates their own energy. Our job is trying to work out how much they are going to save this year.

There’s always room for improvement, and that’s why we are very excited about working closely with the fantastic people at the Energy Saving Trust. They provide high quality information on energy efficiency that is independently verified, and we are looking forward to be able to use it.

The EST has a vision for our energy future that should be shared by every electricity company and consumer alike. EST is going to support Good Energy by working with us to train our staff to provide energy efficiency advice directly to our customers. Our ambition is to have the best trained customer care team for energy saving by becoming the first organisation to achieve the Energy Saving Trust endorsed advice standard. 

We want to do this because from my experience, you can’t just read about energy efficiency, it’s when you talk to people it really comes alive – from the light tone of your energy efficient bulb through to the real benefit of double glazing – hearing from a person is so much easier.

We will be promoting EST campaigns like the forthcoming new consumer forum, Have Your Say and Dave on our website and blog, as well as to customers, making sure the efficiency message is spread as far as we can. What is great for us is that we will be providing the most up to date and reliable information from the top.

Here’s to a great partnership.


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