SCDC NOV 2009 142

Time to get rid of your old, inefficient G-rated boiler!

As of today, up to 125,000 households in England with working “G-rated” boilers can apply through the Energy Saving Trust for a voucher which will entitle them to £400 off the price of a new, modern “A-rated” boiler or a renewable heating system like a biomass boiler or a heat pump.

I am delighted with this decision by Government. By replacing a G rated boiler with an A-rated boiler it will save at least one tonne of CO2 per boiler, per year. This is equivalent to keeping a standard 60W incandescent bulb on for almost 3 and a half years! It will also save between £200 and £235 a year from the household’s energy bills.

We are hoping that this will encourage energy companies to launch their own schemes – nPower for example is already running a voucher scheme. If a householder can take advantage of the Government scheme as well as an energy company scheme, they could save even more money and carbon!

Why not visit our website to apply for a voucher?