We have now announced the winner of our competition to find the ‘Green Voice of the UK’. We wanted to find a member of the public to represent the views of the nation on climate change, and become an independent voice on sustainable living. The winner was announced at an event at Portcullis House, Westminster, where we had a huge green throne awaiting the winner for photo opps. The winner was announced by the Minister for Energy and Climate Change, Joan Ruddock, as Piper Terrett, author of a ‘frugal living’ blog. Piper gave a speech then grilled Joan about her climate policies.


Piper said:

“I am very excited and looking forward to getting stuck into my role. It’s high time that ordinary people – not just politicians or experts – were involved in the dialogue on climate change. We know the planet is in jeopardy, and we each have our part to playing in saving it, so what is stopping us from introducing more energy saving measures around our homes and businesses? Are people worried about the cost implications in the recession? Are they confused about the options or just tired of being nagged? I want to talk directly to people and hear their concerns because it’s vital that the Green Voice of the UK is also an ear. I think we need to pinpoint obstacles preventing us from going green before we can encourage more people to do so. We must also find ways to make it easier to save energy and recycle items. By engaging directly with people in the UK, we may come up with some innovative new suggestions and schemes.”


Below are some photos from the event.

Piper, myself and Joan Ruddock

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Left: I try out the throne for size  Right: Piper on the throne with Joan and myself