According to an article I read recently (Time Magazine, October 5 ‘Thank God it’s Thursday’ by Bryan Walsh), shifting to a four day workweek could save energy, cut traffic and make you happier.


A year ago the US state of Utah mandated a four day week for most state employees, closing offices on Fridays to reduce energy costs. It’s certainly an interesting way to save energy – not only in the office, but from travelling to and from the office too. Our London office is pretty green in terms of transport – with most people using public transport and those that don’t cycling or walking, but driving to central London wouldn’t be a sensible option!


The state of Utah found that its compressed workweek resulted in a 13% reduction in energy use and estimated that employees saved as much as $6 million in gasoline costs. Those are pretty significant savings! I’m sure this scheme would be popular here!


Any volunteers?