It was in the news recently that Selfridges has already launched its Christmas range – over four months in advance! An opportunity for super organised shoppers to stock up on Christmas presents? Or the blatant commercialisation of Christmas? Either way, early preparation is the name of the game in our Scottish office…

It may look like it’s snowing in Glasgow, but this snap was part of a publicity campaign to raise awareness of the Energy Assistance Package. Our Scottish office is urging Scots to think about the cold even though it’s (supposed to be) summer, and start planning improvements to make their home warmer in winter. It’s often too late to make changes needed for a warmer home by winter, so the message is: Act now!

The Energy Assistance Package offers advice and measures to make homes as energy efficient as possible such as central heating, renewable heating systems, and insulation for hard to heat homes. The scheme also helps applicants find out if they are entitled to financial assistance such as benefits or tax credits and access to the lowest cost energy tariffs.

Scot snow2