The Energy Saving Trust is supporting the Ellen MacArthur Trust Round Britain 2009 event. The voyage takes place over 20 weeks and calls into 16 key ports around Britain. The Trust brings young people who are recovering from illnesses out to sail along the various legs of the trip. There will be various stop over points throughout the UK. Ellen will be giving talks at 12 of the stops on the route, where our Energy Doctors will be on hand to give advice and information.

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Guest blog from Ellen MacArthur

Ellen It’s incredible that
it feels like yesterday we left Cowes. They say that time flies when you’re
having fun, and that has been what this voyage has all been about. From watching
a whale breach off the NE coast of Scotland, to puffins and gannets, to dolphins
and sunsets, the ‘voyage of discovery’ as we called it has been just that. At
the Ellen MacArthur Trust we could not have wished for more. The young people
have been absolutely incredible, happy, enthusiastic, creative, and so much fun
to be with. I have thoroughly enjoyed the time I have spent with them.

The team are just the
best, and the talks have been going really well. I have enjoyed meeting people
from different cities, and seeing the different aspects of our country I’ve
never seen before. Having sailed round the UK at 18 I experienced some
incredible things; but to now see that journey through the eyes of the young
people this year is amazing, and to travel inland around the country has been a
new experience. I have loved the hours I’ve spent on trains watching the world
go by…. especially the sleepers trains which go
to Scotland.

The reaction of
people to the talks, especially about the sustainability message has been
fantastic, and the analogy between sailing and sustainability has proved to make
sense to people. It has been really helpful having the Energy Saving Trust presence at the talks
and many people have stopped by the stands to pick up new energy saving ideas
for their homes. The stories of the sailing and the round the world races are
always intriguing for people, and it’s lovely to be able to share my life in
such a way with such wonderful people, and at the same time raise money for the
Ellen MacArthur Trust.

Ellen MacArthur