During a recent parliamentary debate on the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband noted that the 17 countries of the Major Economies Forum accepted the long-held scientific consensus that work is needed to prevent a global temperature rise above 2 degrees.

However, it seems there is still some debate about global warming within parliament. Conservative backbencher Peter Lilley said that, without nuclear power, the Government’s ‘already overambitious’ targets would become pure fantasy. He believed that the models generating predictions of the effect of carbon on the environment were ‘deeply unreliable’.

Conservative MP John Gummer responded that if Mr Lilley’s analysis was right, it would still be a worthwhile task to address shortages of resources, and if he was wrong, he would lead the world to disaster. Therefore, he proposed that his views be ignored, “as I have had to do for the past 12 years”. Very well put, I thought!

John Gummer Peter Lilley 

Left: Rt Hon John Gummer MP, and right: Rt Hon Peter Lilley MP